At the RisingSun Schools, your child’s total well-being and academic growth are our topmost priorities.

Our School is a private limited liability company established in 2007

The Rising Sun Montessori School is a private limited liability company with the vision of building a chain of schools in Ghana. In the last five years the school has grown from one campus to three in Ghana. In the last ten years the school has grown to become one of the top tier private schools in Ghana offering the local educational curriculum.

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All our teachers are highly educated and have years of experience in education. They do their best to ensure fascinating and educational lessons, so your children acquire basic knowledge and social skills they can implement in future.

Mr. Henry Sackey

Acting Head of School - New Bortianor
Mr. Henry Owusu Sackey, the Acting Head of School for RisingSun Montessori School- New Bortianor Campus, is a highly organised man with vast professional experience in…
Mr. Emmanuel Adu-Boakye

Mr. Emmanuel Adu-Boakye

Acting Head of School - Dome
Mr. Emmanuel Adu-Boakye is a professional teacher with 17 years of experience. In 2017, he joined the RisingSun Montessori School- Dome Campus as the Deputy Head…
Mr. Paa Kwesi Richardson

Mr. Paa Kwesi Richardson

Head of School - Lashibi
Mr. Paa Kwesi Richardson commenced his teaching career in 1998 and has 22 years’ experience in the industry. Mr. Richardson joined the Dome branch of RisingSun…


I teach at the Primary level of the Lashibi branch. As a teacher here, I have acquired a lot of knowledge especially in Information Technology (IT), and have added onto my skill set. The quality of my teaching experience has improved since the exposure provided by the school has equipped me with new approaches to teaching. Any individual working her can discover whatever teaching talent he or she possesses with the assistance of the school. RisingSun is all about work and happiness.

Doris Mathison Doris Mathison - Teacher

At the Lashibi branch, I teach Mathematics and Science. Based on socialization among staff, welfare schemes for teachers, and remuneration, I am likely to suggest this school to other teachers as a place to work.  

John Ackah John Ackah - Teacher

I have been a teacher at the Pre-school level of RisingSun Montessori Lashibi for 2 years. The students here are good and know what they are about. All in all, RisingSun Montessori has a conducive environment for both teachers and students. The school offers training for its teachers to make an impact in their field. Similarly, there are resources for every teacher to assist this impact. A positive highlight as a staff at this school is the empathetic nature of management towards its staff. I wonder why any teacher will not want to work here.

Philomina Forson Philomina Forson - Teacher

I have been teaching English and History for approximately 4 years at this branch. The benefits I have gained from being here include; proper supervision that assists teachers teach accurately, training sessions, and learning how to cooperate with others. Additionally, students challenge teachers on lessons taught, this means teachers have to read ahead and learn more to give them the precise answers. The BECE preparation made by RisingSun has been a principal shock factor during my employment here. Bringing final year students to stay on the school’s campus is an example. I would recommend RisingSun to other teachers given that they yearn to learn.  Buoyed by his experience, the Head of School dedicates his time to teach and guide teachers. This ranges from what teachers teach in the class to on-field supervisions during classroom sessions. We are a family.

Kojo Eduful Arthur Kojo Eduful Arthur - Teacher

As a student at the Junior High level of the school, I consider it to be a very interesting school. Since my first day here I have noticed one inspiring thing about the school; that is, every single being in the school is trying their best to achieve a precise life goal. Even when they miss the target they try again. RisingSun Montessori has commendable teachers who make lessons really interesting and always push us to work hard. Despite not reaching my goal in one term, I was encouraged to keep working hard to improve by the school. I like RisingSun Montessori as it has equipped me with life skills and the ability to live and think independently.  

Kwame Appiah Owiredu-Akoto Kwame Appiah Owiredu-Akoto - Student

RisingSun Montessori goes beyond just learning in the development of its students. Due to the fun nature of the school, I consider it my second home. The school’s management is wonderful and try to make sure all students are comfortable. I believe a contributing factor to the excellent performance of students is the dedication of its teachers. Teachers teach students from their hearts. We are one of a kind. This school is the best thing you could ever ask for as a student.  

Ewurabena Mensah Ewurabena Mensah - Student

Currently, at the Junior High school level of the Lashibi campus, I have been impressed by the exciting experience offered by this school. The RisingSun setting is totally different, and infuse new ideas especially for its extracurricular activities. The school instills moral values in students right from the onset. These include respect, service, and humility. Students are also encouraged to be confident and unique in all aspects. I can attest to this as through RisingSun Montessori, I have been made the first anti-child labor ambassador for Ghana. It happened when the school attended an event at the Accra Conference Center. This position has seen me go to the United Nations for the International Child Day, co-launch the first anti-child labor day in Ghana, and conduct door-to-door campaigns on the effects and solutions to child labor. RisingSun has been a major role in the accomplishment of my goals as far as…

Sefakor Dotse Sefakor Dotse - Student

My son started reading at an early age at RisingSun Montessori and I was impressed. His teachers have always showed a keen interest in his development at all stages he has been through so far; particularly from the Pre-school level. We recently had a teachers’ appreciation exercise which I found cool. It is human nature to give out your all when you feel appreciated and heard. I am pretty sure we will go far in raising wise and resourceful individuals the country needs so badly.

Mrs. Ala Adjetey Mrs. Ala Adjetey - Parent

RisingSun Montessori school’s BECE grades impressed me and motivated me to enroll my children in the school. I have never regretted this decision. The school has time for its students and addresses its parents’ issues expediently. As at now, the school has met my expectations and I concur with the fact that it stands out. My friend enrolled her child, who is not a student of RisingSun Montessori, to the COVID-19 e-learning program the school rolled out. My friend has been sold by the performance of her children and the efficacy of this program. She has even proceeded to enroll her children at the school. I see RisingSun Montessori going higher and higher. I keep recommending the school to my friends and they in turn enroll their children.

Mrs. Pomenyah Mrs. Pomenyah - Parent

As a parent, I attest to RisingSun’s fantastic academic performance over the past years. For the BECE, most students have gained admission to their first-choice schools. Teachers go the extra mile to make sure students comprehend lessons and keep them on their toes. Teachers are also willing to update parents on the progress of their children, and address arising issues. I am particularly enthused by the school’s remediation program and know a lot of parents benefit from it. It is for students not up-to-task academically to catch up. Also, I like how the school gives its students just enough homework to keep them up to the task. Moreover, students are able to build good bonds with their friends as everyone knows each other by name. This promotes their social development. My experience here has compelled me to recommend the New Bortianor campus to a friend. I will keep recommending RisingSun.

Mrs. Mimi Ellis Mrs. Mimi Ellis - Parent

I teach French at the Primary level and have been at the school for 8 years. I came to the school with no teaching experience but have gained a lot even outside of teaching. For instance, I have learnt how to address tough situations and this has equipped me with patience. The RisingSun training for teachers upgrades us on the field and helps us fit anywhere. For instance, after the release of the new curriculum for Ghana Education Schools, the school dedicated time to train its teachers to adapt to it. Generally, the school compels you to learn. Management and teachers also always find a way to resolve any conflict that arises. I have recommended the school to other teachers as I consider it a home.  

Emma Owusu Emma Owusu - Teacher

I have been at RisingSun Montessori for 5 years as a Home Economics teacher. During my first year here, I realized the systems, administration, reporting, and examinations processes were different. The school is organized and this is a plus. My time here has made me disciplined as the school wants things done timely. Teaching deliverables required of teachers, by management, have quickened my thinking. For instance, we are required to teach using PowerPoint presentations when necessary. Moreover, management demands that teaching is practical so it is not just rote learning but hands-on. Though challenging, this keeps teachers on their toes. I would endorse the school to other teachers since it shapes you up, and makes you tougher. RisingSun is definitely not for a lazy employee but for a hardworking one.  

Doreen Martey Doreen Martey - Teacher

I teach at Pre-school and have been with RisingSun for 5 years. Starting work here was initially difficult but RisingSun helped me up my game. Now I know I can work under any condition. I have learnt a lot as there were some things I did not know as a teacher. The school is concerned not just about its students’ development but also that of its teachers. RisingSun also inputs efforts not common at other places. For example, teachers at the Pre-school level teach students individually and so meet them all, and address their needs. This is irrespective of their academic performance. So you realize that some students come in not doing well but improve as they progress at RisingSun. Additionally, the management of the school thinks about its staff. Overall, if you are really ready to learn as a teacher then RisingSun Montessori is the right place for you.

Mary Brago Mary Brago - Teacher

I am a student at the JHS level and started RisingSun in grade 5. I have learnt a lot of things from the school. RisingSun teaches us lessons outside the classroom like how to be punctual. This has helped me to value time. As a member of the Red Cross club,I have also learnt about fractures, bleeding and transportation, and how to take care of an injured patient. This first aid knowledge, I believe, has armed me for the future.

Melinda Oforiquaye Melinda Oforiquaye - Student

I am in Grade 8. I started RisingSun Montessori from Pre-School. The teachers here are nice and friendly. They are ready to help students with any difficulty that they face. This helps my academic performance. Also, I am a member of the Brass Band. My membership has made me more confident. It has taught me that if you put in hard work and dedication in learning something new you can achieve your goals. The whole brass band group is like family and it is very easy for us to interact with each other and help each other learn new things.  

Baaba Baidoo Baaba Baidoo - Student

I started RisingSun from Crèche, and I am presently at the JHS level. My time here has been nice. Group work activities have taught me how to work together with others. The teachers are interactive, and allow students to express themselves and share their ideas. All these make me like my stay at the school.

Elorm Agbeko Elorm Agbeko - Student

A friend introduced me to RisingSun. Knowing the previous school her child attended, I saw an improvement in her child after being enrolled at RisingSun Montessori. The improvement was academic, and her child’s attitude towards learning was much better than previously. Being here has been fabulous.  I admire the teacher-parent and student-teacher relationships. My child has also improved academically, and not only academically but generally in all aspects of her life. All children are not equal but I am satisfied with what I have seen so far. There is no doubt that this school is distinct. I will not say there has been one specific wow moment because every day in the school is a wow moment. To sum it up, I have recommended and will continue to recommend the school anytime.

Bernice Ofori-Quaye Mrs. Bernice Ofori-Quaye - Parent

My child started RisingSun from its Pre-school. I found out about the school via contact with the Principal as far back as 2007. One of my children is a graduate of the school and the other is at the Primary level. My experience here has been very healthy. My children are academically good, the extra-curricular activities of the school built their confidence levels, and the excursions have enhanced their social thinking. The ability of the school to develop the total being of the child is one of the main reasons I am still at RisingSun. Besides, RisingSun is notable for its good academic performance.

Mrs. Asamoah Mrs. Asamoah - Parent

I heard about the school from my uncle and brother. My uncle’s children graduated from RisingSun Montessori, and my brother still has children here. They told me it was the best school around especially in terms of performance, and so I decided to enroll my children here. I have not regretted it. Comparing RisingSun Montessori to where my kids moved from, I notice they have improved significantly. This improvement is in terms of discipline and academics. My children even speak better English now.

Mr. Abubakari Abdul-Basit Mr. Abubakari Abdul-Basit - Teacher

I have been working here for nearly two years. My first shock from the school was during my third week here; when a thanksgiving session was organized. As a religious individual, I was impressed as it was my first time observing this at the workplace. My time here has been a continuous learning experience. For instance, I have learned a new way of presenting reports, where I moved from paperwork to computer work. My approach to teaching has evolved as joining the RisingSun family has pushed me to especially think outside the box. Teachers are encouraged to relate lessons to real-life scenarios, making it easier for students to grasp concepts. RisingSun has similarly taught me how to manage people from diverse backgrounds. I appreciate how being here has developed me as a teacher. Without a doubt, I am confident that I can fit anywhere as an efficient teacher.

Linda Owusu Linda Owusu - Teacher

For the past six and half years, I have been employed at this school. The work here is challenging but exciting. The highlight of my experience here is when parents are appreciative of the academic improvements of their children due to the school’s efforts. RisingSun is noteworthy in how we raise our students to be confident and explore their creativity through activities like drawing and acting. I was in awe when parents were invited for a medical screening coordinated independently by students. I will not hesitate to recommend this school as a workplace for teachers. Its challenging atmosphere builds you as an individual. As a teacher here, you are not limited as tasks go beyond the classroom. Modern approaches to teaching are also brought on board to build teachers. Having won the best school in the entire district for the BECE previously, I am pleased to be an employee here.

Cecilia Kynder Cecilia Kynder - Teacher

I have worked at RisingSun Montessori school for approximately three years. My reason for joining the Dome branch was to improve my career path. I will recommend the school as a workplace for individuals willing to grow. RisingSun Montessori gives one opportunities to learn more on the job. The supervision serves as an avenue to know where one falls short in their job and improve. One’s ability to rise up the career ladder is also not mired.

Sheila Abrokwa Sheila Abrokwa - Teacher

As a Junior High School student at RisingSun Montessori, I enjoy how differently our teachers teach. Students are able to learn ahead of time and even revise what has been taught. The teachers here know when to be strict and when to be friendly. This makes them approachable especially when I am finding it difficult to understand a topic. My time here has been amazing as the school’s activities is not always academic but also includes entertainment. Color days, Inter-house sports, cooking, debate, and spelling bee, and Arts and Science week testify to this. Even if you are a shy person there is a school activity for you as the school’s activities are not just for people who like talking. For example, there is Arts and Science week and cooking competitions. Being an interviewer on kiddie shows on Adom TV and GhOne, I like how the school has been receptive…

Daniella Addo-Listowel Daniella Addo-Listowel - Student

I am in the Junior High School level. The RisingSun Montessori academic level is more progressive as students learn a year ahead. I have become a better reader during my time here, as I have been pushed to my limit to read more. The after school class is one avenue that has pushed me to read more since if you don’t read you won’t be able to pass. Having enrolled at RisingSun, I was intrigued to know that some students learn Chinese at the school. I like the friendly teachers and have been able to make good friends here that I enjoy playing basketball with. Overall, my membership in the Performing Arts club has brought me out of my shell. I will miss everything here.

David Wemegah David Wemegah - Student

I am currently at the Junior High School level, and joined RisingSun at the Primary School level after it was recommended to my parents through their friend. My time here has been fun and exciting. I have been able to open up and stand up for myself. The teachers open up and let students express their views. I am a patrol assistant in the Girls’ Guide and engage in Choir, Dance and Drama activities. My engagement in the school’s extra-curricular activities saw me perform solo at a school event. I now know I can be in public and do what I like most without being shy. I also like how the Head of School is understanding and also acts as a mother to all. For instance, there was a time she organized a girl’s talk. The lessons learnt at this talk were really practical. I will definitely miss the school…

Akua Aningpong Akua Aningpong - Student

I am at the Primary school level. My RisingSun experience has been excellent. I like how teachers take their time to explain a topic to you. For example, in my Math class there was a time I did not understand a topic well and so my teacher stopped and started explaining it all over again. The teacher used his own method to teach and did not rely on only the Math textbook’s method. Taking ballet lessons at RisingSun Montessori has also made me more confident. One thing I like about the school is its friendly teachers.  

Nhyira Caesar Nhyira Caesar - Student

I currently have a child at the Pre-school level and another at the Primary level. Both kids started from the nursery at RisingSun Montessori. The experience thus far has been amazing. After moving, my wife and I discovered the school in our community, made enquiries and realized it fit what we were looking for. The neatness of the compound is one thing that sold me. I believe RisingSun Montessori stands out not only in appearance (compound/well-coordinated uniforms) but also in its BECE results in consecutive years. The extra curricula activities are also worth mentioning. The color themed days, field trips, and adherence to the history of Ghana are school activities that surprised me. The color themed days make students appreciate not only colors but the themes the school associates to those colors. We did not have those in our time in school. The termly field trips aid students, even my…

Mr. Dan Morton Mr. Dan Morton - Parent

I currently have children at the Pre-school, Primary, and Junior High School (JHS) levels. After moving homes, a friend recommended the school and I followed up. My friend’s children performed well in the BECE, and so the school’s track record stood out for me. It has been an exciting journey so far. I have noticed improvement in my children’s academics as they have developed an attachment to their books. I am impressed by the exposure provided by the school to my kids via the good extracurricular activities. For instance, my children have been exposed to historical occurrences through excursions. This makes education practical rather than rote. As a parent, irrespective of the kind of relationship you have with the school, RisingSun Montessori will make you aware of your child’s progress. The school makes sure you become interested in this progress via constant communication with teachers on its platforms. RisingSun is…

Rev. Joseph Opoku-Adjei Rev. Joseph Opoku-Adjei - Parent
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