Vision and Mission

RisingSun Montessori School LTD.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

To offer high standards of training aimed at developing the whole child into a complete person in the areas of morale upbringing, social and emotional development, cognitive training and self-image.

To provide basic and secondary education and training comparable to any first class school in the world.

Our values are strongly embedded in the local adinkra symbol and its accompanying meaning. We expect all our employees and students to live the values of the school. To this end, we provide a detailed training and explanation of these values to our staff and students and expect them to always live lives that reflect these values. For ease of memory we use the acronym SERVICE.

Our Values, Symbols and Meanings

Efficiency and effectiveness to produce best results

Efficiency and effectiveness is our measuring rod

Respect for individual and individual differences

Creating harmony and being faithful to one another is reciprocal if we need to command respect

Professional skills,vocational skills and self improvement

Knowledge and life-long education is key if we have to be useful to ourselves and society

Integrity in our business practice

Priestly office, loyalty, adroitness and the devotion and faithfulness one displays when doing a task required of one

Service Excellence

Excellence, genuineness and authenticity

Compassion for all our stakeholders

Friendship and interdependence

Employ the right attitude

Humility and strength