Below are some frequantly asked questions about The RisingSun School.

What curriculum are you running?

The RisingSun Montessori Preschool runs a combination of the Montessori school and American school systems.

The Main school runs a combination of the Montessori school system, and the Ghana Education Service system.

What is the class size?

The maximum number of students allowed in a class is 25.

What time does the school day start?

The school day starts at 7:00 am GMT. From 7:00 am GMT to 8:00 am GMT, a morning teacher-engagement session is in force.

Classes start at 8:30 am GMT.

What time does the school day end?

The school day ends at 15:00 pm GMT.

Students may stay till 17:00 pm GMT for the convenience of parents unable to pick them up on time.

Do you have a school bus?

There are school buses available at the New Bortianor and Dome branches. Parents/Guardians will have to visit the Finance Office of the branch for more details concerning the routes, conditions and pricing of the bus service.

Do you have a boarding facility?

We do not have a boarding facility. Only final year students are boarded in their last months at the school.

What discount is there for multiple children?

Parents with more than two children at the school at the same time are entitled to a 20% discount on only the tuition of the third child.

Kindly visit the Finance Office of your branch for more details.

Does your preschool have a playground?

Yes, all Preschool branches have a playground.

Is there a cafeteria available?

Yes, there is a cafeteria available. Only students that pay the lunch fee are entitled to meals from the cafeteria.

Kindly visit the Finance Office of your branch for more details.

How often are the breaks in a school day?

Breaks in the school day occur twice. The first time for snack break and the second time for lunch break.

Are there extra-curricular activities?

Yes, there are extra-curricular activities run by the school. Students have the option of joining clubs like the Girl’s Guide Association, Cadet, Ghana Red Cross Association, Taekwondo, Robotics, Maths and Science club, Drama, Writers, and Debators club, and the Brass Band.

Kindly speak to your school branch for more information.

Do you enroll students with disabilities?

Yes; the school enrolls students with learning disabilities. To keep these students up to task, they are given one-on-one attention, and given extra tasks to reinforce the lessons taught.

Kindly contact your branch for more information.

How has your BECE performance been?

Our BECE performances over the years have been excellent, thus, resulting in recognition from the Ghana Education Service and other educational stakeholders.

What measures do you have in place for emergencies (fire/sick student etc)?

Our desire for a quick response time, given any emergency at any school branch, has seen us develop thorough protocols to suit the type of emergency. Some of these protocols, like the fire drill, are rehearsed occasionally to conscienize the RisingSun community.

Kindly contact your branch for more information.

How is security maintained?

There is 24-hour security service at all school branches.