Lashibi Campus: Status of School's COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Before school officially reopened, the Principal of RisingSun Montessori School sent a letter apprising parents of the measures the school had adopted to ensure safety as far as COVID-19 was concerned. To follow up on the official letter, the school made a video showing a step-by-step approach students, staff, and parents had to undertake to ensure safety in the classrooms and on the compound. The school procured sufficient veronica buckets, liquid soaps, tissues, and sanitisers. These were placed at various vantages for use by all on the school’s premises.

Teachers were appropriately trained on how to manage their classes and respective classrooms, just as our students were given a separate orientation on the COVID-19 Safety Protocols and the general rules of the school. Bills on safety practices such as proper washing of hands, sanitisation, and the wearing of nose masks, among others, were posted on the school’s walls and in the classrooms to create awareness. These bills were also posted to educate our students and other stakeholders on the protocols they had to undertake, and the necessary basic practices they were expected to perform in their everyday lives.

Our washrooms are mopped and sanitised five times daily. Classrooms are equally mopped and sanitised twice daily. All classrooms have hand sanitisers provided by the school aside from the personal ones the students bring from home. There is a serious insistence on the wearing of masks by both pupils and staff and compliance in this regard has been great.

So far, there have been no casualties and we keep praying and are strictly adhering to the protocols to ensure nothing untoward happens.

We are in this together and together we shall pull through!