New Bortianor Campus: Status of School's COVID-19 Safety Protocols

After several months of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school finally resumed on 18th, January 2021 as directed by the President of the Republic of Ghana. It has been a critical period as the pandemic claimed a lot of lives globally, including that of school children. As a reputable institution, there were effective measures put in place before, during, and after the arrival of our students and all members of staff. These measures have undoubtedly gone a long way to help combat the spread of the virus in the school.

Firstly, a fumigation exercise was carried out in the school (offices, classrooms, and the compound) to disinfect the campus two weeks before the school reopened. Washing sinks were mounted to enable students to frequently wash their hands. Additionally, thermometer guns were bought to check the temperatures of individuals entering the school’s premises. Veronica buckets, hand sanitisers, tissues, and soaps were made available at vantage points around the school. Both teaching and non-teaching staff members were oriented on how to receive students, and ensure that they observe all protocols.

On resumption, all students, members of staff, parents, and visitors were made to wear nose masks before they were allowed entry. Washing of hands, taking and recording of temperatures followed, and this has continued till date.
Sick students were and are still not allowed to come to school. In cases where the sickness starts in school or we notice any abnormalities in the health of our students, we communicate with their respective parents and take them to affiliated or nearby hospitals.

Strict adherence to social distancing and COVID-19 protocols has been enforced to date and fortunately, there has not been any positive case recorded in the school since reopening.

We say thank you to all who have made this possible.