Junior High School

At Junior High School level

This level commences from Form 1 through Form 2, to Form 3. Student at this level are usually aged within the range of 12 years to 14 years. In addition to class teachers, students at this level are entitled to subject teachers. The class ratio is 1:25. This is the final level at RisingSun Montessori, and students are registered to write their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in Form 3.

Given the crucial nature of this level, our students are bombarded with brain stimulating exercises. Our pedagogy does not entertain rote learning, as we prioritize practicality, to ensure a thorough understanding for all students. Thus, it is not surprising that our BECE results are among the best in the country. The RisingSun Montessori school Junior High School graduate finds himself/herself in top class Senior High Schools such as; Wesley Girls’ Senior High School, Adisadel College, Achimota school, among others. Do not hesitate to join the family!