Pre School

At Preschool level

The resulting development of each individual begins right at birth. It is without doubt that the early development of an individual sets the pace for his/her resulting development. At RisingSun Montessori, the early development of a child is not compromised as we acknowledge it is the educational foundation of each child.

Our pre- school is made up of the Crèche, Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Children between 3 months and 5years are enrolled at the preschool level. There are nine classes for the double stream system and five classes for the single stream system. Each class is entitled to one teacher and a teaching assistant. With a class ratio of 1:15, our preschool students enjoy maximum attention from their class teachers and teaching assistants. Every child is noticed!

The RisingSun Montessori preschool intertwines the Ghana Education system with the Montessori system, talk about enjoying the best of both worlds! We believe every child is unique, and so tailor our preschool experience to meet the needs of our students. If you can, do join us for a tour of our preschool facilities. We cannot wait to have you join the family!