Primary School

At Primary level

The primary level is made of Grade 1 to Grade 6. Children at this level are between the ages of 6 to 11years. This level is an advanced build up of what our students learn at the preschool level. Our Montessori way of learning still stands at this level, and is incorporated into the Ghana Education system of learning. Our students at the Primary level are entitled to a class ratio of 1:25. Aside main class teachers, other non-class teachers interact with students at the Primary level in different subject areas.

The use of technology at this level is intense and hands on. Given the fast paced nature of our world, it is our responsibility as a school to offer our students an exposure to technology. By doing this, we believe our students become open-minded, and are equiped to tackle world issues. This fulfils our vision of providing education comparable to world class standards.

Additionally, our conducive environment allows our students to explore their capabilities and discover their talents. We do not wish to bore you, and so invite you to see for yourself at any of our branches. We will be thrilled to have you join the RisingSun Montessori family!