As a Junior High School student at RisingSun Montessori, I enjoy how differently our teachers teach. Students are able to learn ahead of time and even revise what has been taught. The teachers here know when to be strict and when to be friendly. This makes them approachable especially when I am finding it difficult to understand a topic. My time here has been amazing as the school’s activities is not always academic but also includes entertainment. Color days, Inter-house sports, cooking, debate, and spelling bee, and Arts and Science week testify to this. Even if you are a shy person there is a school activity for you as the school’s activities are not just for people who like talking. For example, there is Arts and Science week and cooking competitions. Being an interviewer on kiddie shows on Adom TV and GhOne, I like how the school has been receptive to my work, particularly, being open-minded in granting interviews of students. This is definitely exposure for my fellow students too. On the whole, RisingSun Montessori is an exciting place to be if you want good grades and more knowledge. Even if you are not up to task academically, there are teachers willing to guide you in excelling. We really are a family.

Daniella Addo-Listowel Daniella Addo-Listowel - Student