I teach at Pre-school and have been with RisingSun for 5 years. Starting work here was initially difficult but RisingSun helped me up my game. Now I know I can work under any condition. I have learnt a lot as there were some things I did not know as a teacher. The school is concerned not just about its students’ development but also that of its teachers. RisingSun also inputs efforts not common at other places. For example, teachers at the Pre-school level teach students individually and so meet them all, and address their needs. This is irrespective of their academic performance. So you realize that some students come in not doing well but improve as they progress at RisingSun. Additionally, the management of the school thinks about its staff. Overall, if you are really ready to learn as a teacher then RisingSun Montessori is the right place for you.

Mary Brago Mary Brago - Teacher