I currently have a child at the Pre-school level and another at the Primary level. Both kids started from the nursery at RisingSun Montessori. The experience thus far has been amazing. After moving, my wife and I discovered the school in our community, made enquiries and realized it fit what we were looking for. The neatness of the compound is one thing that sold me. I believe RisingSun Montessori stands out not only in appearance (compound/well-coordinated uniforms) but also in its BECE results in consecutive years. The extra curricula activities are also worth mentioning. The color themed days, field trips, and adherence to the history of Ghana are school activities that surprised me. The color themed days make students appreciate not only colors but the themes the school associates to those colors. We did not have those in our time in school. The termly field trips aid students, even my young wards, to wholly appreciate most of the things they are taught in class. History lessons also go a long way to strengthen their knowledge of who we are as a people. So far, RisingSun Montessori has met my expectations, and I believe they will exceed my expectations in the years to come as my wards progress through the school. I would recommend this school.

Mr. Dan Morton Mr. Dan Morton - Parent