I currently have children at the Pre-school, Primary, and Junior High School (JHS) levels. After moving homes, a friend recommended the school and I followed up. My friend’s children performed well in the BECE, and so the school’s track record stood out for me. It has been an exciting journey so far. I have noticed improvement in my children’s academics as they have developed an attachment to their books. I am impressed by the exposure provided by the school to my kids via the good extracurricular activities. For instance, my children have been exposed to historical occurrences through excursions. This makes education practical rather than rote. As a parent, irrespective of the kind of relationship you have with the school, RisingSun Montessori will make you aware of your child’s progress. The school makes sure you become interested in this progress via constant communication with teachers on its platforms. RisingSun is also good with quickly resolving parents’ issues whether online or face to face. I will absolutely recommend this school.

Rev. Joseph Opoku-Adjei Rev. Joseph Opoku-Adjei - Parent