Currently, at the Junior High school level of the Lashibi campus, I have been impressed by the exciting experience offered by this school. The RisingSun setting is totally different, and infuse new ideas especially for its extracurricular activities. The school instills moral values in students right from the onset. These include respect, service, and humility. Students are also encouraged to be confident and unique in all aspects. I can attest to this as through RisingSun Montessori, I have been made the first anti-child labor ambassador for Ghana. It happened when the school attended an event at the Accra Conference Center. This position has seen me go to the United Nations for the International Child Day, co-launch the first anti-child labor day in Ghana, and conduct door-to-door campaigns on the effects and solutions to child labor. RisingSun has been a major role in the accomplishment of my goals as far as the first years of my education is concerned.

Sefakor Dotse Sefakor Dotse - Student